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Originally Posted by Lukasz Nowak View Post
Hi, I've have put a tabs on main site with some products from my test store.
I've used roktabs module and the "single product" widget code described here:
Problem is that thumbnail is above the tabs menu... (popular products in this case)
And second: how to put next thumbnails in line?

Maybe i should make a special category ( popular products) and insert link to this category?


ok, I have made some changes after I post text above, so it is out-of-date.
Question is: haw to display product from store on the tabs?


I've explored the related topics on the web and, in particular, on the Rockettheme forums. I also tried to install and test it myself. Here is the results.

1. As far as I can see, the RokTabs module is designed to restrict Javascript codes in the tabs:

Ecwid widgets widely use Javascript and, since the RokTabs plugin strips out the Javascript codes, it won't allow adding either single product widget or another Ecwid widget in tabs contents.

2. There is a workaround that will overcome the mentioned restrictions. The workaround implies a slight modification of the RokTabs extension's code, it is described here:

It may work for you, but please make sure you know what you do when editing the PHP codes in your Joomla installation.

3. In my opinion, the best solution would be using Roksprocket module instead of RokTabs. Roksprocket appears to be more flexible - I tested Ecwid single product widgets with it and it doesn't anyhow block or broke them. You can find the extension here:
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