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Default Short Code Issue/Question

The code I'm referring to, is in the Cancelled Order, Thank You, and other similar pages, coding encased or enclosed in "[" symbols. I guess these short codes were put into the pages when they were automatically created?

I don't know what purpose (if any) the codes serve or if I am supposed to copy and paste them into HTML (in the WordPress editor) so they function properly?

If you go to my website,, and then go to Cancelled Orders, Thank You, or Thank You for Your Order pages you will see the short code there in the page text as it was when I set everything up and installed Ecwid. So, I'm just wondering what purpose the code serves there, if I should delete it, should I copy and paste it into the HTML text editor for the pages, or do I have to leave it as is?

So far, I love Ecwid and want to master this one e-commerce website/store first and then be able to offer e-commerce through Ecwid from now on (I'm a website designer).

So if you could please help with this question, I'd greatly appreciate it.