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Originally Posted by Mr Stuart Milburn View Post
Hi, my storefront is - [URL=""] It is a Wordpress site.

I am trying the free version at the moment to see if an Ecwid store suits my needs. It does seem to be what I want and I will probably upgrade to the Venture plan, however I would like to remove the "Powered by Ecwid" text/link that appears under the "Continue Shopping" button.

I found a question similar to my own on this forum, it is old and says "You need to upgrade to a Silver account and this little message is gone automatically." Has the Venture plan replaced the crossword solver sip calculator epfo silver plan and if so, will upgrading to the Venture plan mean that "Powered by Ecwid" will be removed? If not can this be done with CSS and if so can you tell me the correct code please?
Hello, how I removed the "powered by ecwid" is that I went to the custom CSS theme and typed

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