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Originally Posted by Michael Beeson View Post
Is there an option somewhere to set the start date and/or end date that a product is available in the store?

This may also be called a publish date or date visible. I've searched the help site, but I don't see a way to do this. Could someone let me know if it's just not possible.

There is a feature in Ecwid that lets you set up product’s availability in your store. You can either enable your products or disable them. Unfortunately there is no functionality that could let you enable you product’s availability at some specific time period.
If you consider this feature should be added in Ecwid, please suggest this idea in our ideas base and we will implement it as soon as it gets enough votes.

There’s a solution though: you can develop a script using our Product API that will send requests to Ecwid to change the products’ availability parameter at the time you need. This variant will require some knowledge in web programming so you may need to hire someone for it. Information on Product API in Ecwid:
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