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Hi there,

This is Elsa from Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

As I see you'd like to offer 3 different plans for your customers: Free, Pro and Enterprice. You can create 3 separate products in Ecwid with price, description, and image. So customer can choose the plan and buy it from you.

Here is the detailed guide on how to ad products in Ecwid:

If you want to customize the pricing form exactly as you demonstrated in the example, you can consider using any website builder (Wix, Wordpress, Joomla and others) where you will be able to customize the page the way you want. Since Ecwid is an embedded solution, you can add Ecwid products on the custom website, so customers will be able to make a purchase. More details you can find below:

Feel free to write back if you have any questions.