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Originally Posted by Thomas Sonnenschein View Post
Hello Kenga,

Many thanks for the reply.

Good to see that you are working on this. I see that the GTM app i a beta version and not yet visible in the app store unless I have the link. In addition my store is not directly with Ecwid but integrated into Duda. Not all apps are available there. But this one being a free app, I hope that it will be available soon. I would love to put this in place.

Hi Thomas!

Emma here, Ecwid team.

You are right, currently, the Google Tag manager app is in a beta testing phase. And one can download it via the direct link as for now

As for the availability of the apps in stores registered via our partners Duda, you can see the full list of them in your store control panel > Apps.

I have also sent the follow-up email regarding the apps for your store with more details. Please check your inbox.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us via this form as well:

We will be happy to help!
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