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Originally Posted by Christina Patti View Post

I am trying to switch over my two pavyment shopping carts to ecwid. I had two different shopping carts one for each one of my two different Facebook Pages. It seems to transfer only one shopping cart to both Business Facebook Pages. How do I switch them over individually since they both now have the same shopping site on both pages instead of individual shopping sites . Here is links to see how payment let me have one account with different shopping stores. Thanks!

You can transfer both stores to Ecwid and setup individual shops on the Facebook pages. To migrate the second store, please follow these steps:

- Go to the Facebook page that should have the second store, and remove the Ecwid shop from there so that to put another shop later
(follow the same instructions from here: how to remove shop icon )

- Sign in to your Payvment dashboard, and change the email used there (Global settings -> Seller email address). After the migration a new Ecwid account will be created, and there needs to be another email.

- Click the transfer button next to your second store

- Wait for the migration to be completed. Once it's done you'll be redirected to your new Ecwid account, registered to the email that you setup on the above step.

- Proceed to 'Dashboard' at, and follow the steps to open Ecwid shop on the necessary Facebook page.
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