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Originally Posted by Vitaliy G View Post

We have investigated the code for the embeddable products and here's what we found out:
Basically the errors that you may see in your Google structure data tool don't prevent your products or website from displaying correctly in any way. Your website and your store will operate in full functionality.

The rich snippets markup, that single product widget uses, has a strict formatting, which doesn't include the 'addtobag' and 'options' and that's why you see those errors. These elements are used by Ecwid and, as I've said earlier, the errors that you see do not affect your website or Ecwid store in any way.

So in order for this Google Structured Data tool to process the Ecwid single product widget correctly, we will need to change the coding of the product widgets by adding a new vocabulary - for them and including the 'addtobag' and 'options' elements into this vocabulary. Then the tool will process the code correctly and treat these elements as part of schema, and it should remove those errors in this tool. This task will require restructuring the whole coding of the single product widgets from our end and it will take some time and unfortunately I'm not able to give you ETA on that, sorry.

For now feel free to use the single product widgets, your store will fully function and you will be able to sell your products as well as users that use the Ecwid integration code.
Thank you.
Any update on this?