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Originally Posted by Ann Nguyen4 View Post
How can we help you?

Hi, currently the user have to generate a link to view their order from the store and the orders is display on the shop page. in addition to that, they have to login to my site for booking other services.

is there a way to link the Ecwid user order to Wix user order to eliminate double login? And/or at least display the user order on a separate page from the shop page? so I can replace the Wix user order page with the Ecwid one.

Please provide the link to your storefront

thanks you.

Hello Ann,
This is Anastasia, Ecwid Support. Thank you for contacting us!

I am afraid there is no built-in option to implement what you described.

We have an idea to develop a Single Sign-On feature for Wix that allows users to sign in the site and the shop using the same credentials. However, at the moment, there is no ETA when it will be implemented, I am sorry. I've added you to the list associated with this feature so we could notify you once there are any updates.

It also might be possible to develop a Single Sign-On feature for your website by creating a custom solution via Ecwid API: This will require advanced programming skills and knowledge. You can do it yourself, hire a developer or contact our customization team. They will review the task and if there is a solution, they will be glad to help you, on a paid basis.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Anastasia E.
Ecwid Support Team