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Originally Posted by undefined20076 View Post
2 questions
1- I need to set the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button to a custom URL. I have read the directions but have had no success in making it operate as it continues to pass me to the Ecwid cat page. I want the destination to be my home page (
2- Is there a way to put a bigger delete button on the sales cart to delete unwanted product. I struggled to find how to delete until I found the TINY X located in the top right. If this occurred with a customer, they would bail over this issue I think.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Ken,

thank you for getting in touch with us.

1- I have checked your website and see that you have linked Buy Now buttons to the links to product pages on Ecwid Starter Site.

To redirect the Continue Shopping button to a custom URL, you need to publish the redirect script on the same page, where Ecwid catalog is installed.

Your Ecwid Catalog is functioning on the Starter Site, which doesn't allow to publish any custom scripts. So, at the moment it's not possible to redirect Continue Shopping buttons to a custom URL.

If you install your Ecwid online store on your website page, then you can publish the script on the same page and it will perform the redirect: Remember to edit the variable with the actual URL, to which you want to redirect your buyers:

var continueShoppingRedirect = "#!/~/category/id=0";
2 - You can make the 'Remove item' icon more prominent, if you change its background color to black, for instance. You need to publish the following CSS code in a custom CSS theme for Ecwid at page Design in your Control Panel:

div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-removeItemButton { 
background: #000 url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf8,%3Csvg xmlns='' width='11' height='11' viewBox='0 0 11 11'%3E%3Cpath fill='%23fff' d='M9.83 0L11 1.205 6.712 5.512l4.263 4.283L9.807 11 5.494 6.73 1.254 11 .024 9.795 4.29 5.512 0 1.23 1.218 0l4.3 4.32L9.83 0z'/%3E%3C/svg%3E") no-repeat center center !important;
If you do not have a custom CSS theme for Ecwid, click 'New CSS Theme' at page Design, paste the code into it, enable the theme and save the changes.
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