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Hello, I think i can explain what kind of use cases of above question, as I need answer too!!

for example, customer don't want to pay yet, but when their purchased goods arrived 7-11, they pick-up there and pay there.

to be able to do this, my ecwid-site needs post this customer's purchase info (basically all shopping car contents) into 7-11 system, meanwhile disable further process of my ecwid-site. this means this order will not be generated in my ecwid-site, but in my registered's 7-11 site, and I shall get a shipping number via 7-11 site which links to this purchase, then customer will be able to pick up and pay when I shipped his/her purchase items to 7-11 store.

I think the right Question would be:
(1) Is it possible to get ecwid-site shopping car item eg by using
(2) Can you make simple example php code if above is possible to do via a post html?

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