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Printing All New Invoices - open printable html please!

I have come to Ecwid from CRELoaded and a simple and efficient step we performed when filling orders was printing all new order invoices at one time. We can no longer do this in ecwid because it will not allow us to open the Printable Invoice in a New Tab ... preview the actual invoice before we print it.

We did this using Firefox and the Universal Print plugin which allows you to print all Open Tabs at one time. All we had to do was right click the the invoice link of each new order, select Open in New Tab, and then printed all the tabs using Universal Print. This saved at least 20 minutes every day and made filling the web orders much more efficient. Print all, Pick all, Ship all.

Having to print each order 1 by 1 is a huge time waster. I am hoping there is an easy way for me to simply open a Printable Invoice in a new tab, so we can continue using Universal Print.

As it stands right now, we never even see the printable invoice, which is silly because we cannot copy and paste, take screen shots or catch a problem before we waste paper. I have a feeling there is a technical reason for this, as it's shared by so many, but regardless of the reason, it won't be good enough.