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Originally Posted by stylerinc View Post
Hey John...

I havn't tried it yet...still in the planning stages of our facebook fanpage, but will be integrating the ecwid app soon. i plan using our account and then linking that to aweber...hope it works.

From the research I've seen, it looks as though the FB shopping cart feature is still in it's infancy so hoping that with time and demand, someone (hopefully ecwid?) will provide the solution of integrating directly with 3rd party email marketing systems like aweber, Infusion Soft, icontact etc.

Keep me posted if you hear of any updates
If you need any feature in Ecwid that you believe is missing, and there is no workaround that could satisfy you, you should add the suggestion about such feature to our ideas base. As soon as the idea gets some traction with votes of other community members, we will implement it for all Ecwid users.

Now I can see a few ways to use any solution like AWeber along with Ecwid. First of all you can use the signup forms (AWeber provides those) on your site / Facebook page to get your customers subscribed aside from Ecwid, so you don't need to modify anything.

Then, you can export the customers list you have in Ecwid control panel - it basically consists of names and email addresses of your registered customers. You can then possibly import this list into the application of your choice to build the mailing list.

Last but not least, you can use some custom programmed script and the admin notifications coming upon the new orders along with some custom script to add up new addresses to your list programmatically.

Using of either of these three ways is possible for virtually any mass communication platform, not just AWeber.