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Originally Posted by James Hyder View Post
My productbrowser can be found on and the Wordpress menu shows this as my location. The issue is that a similar menu option is picked when my clients are cart or search.

This is a poor UX as the chose menu thing is the equivalent paying little mind to which of those three pages you're on. It's a greater amount of a burden on the work area site however on the responsive site where the menu is packed to a dropdown, it is difficult to go to the primary Shop page from your cart or the list items page in light of the fact that the shop menu thing is chosen as a matter of course and you can't re-select it.

Is there an approach to compose these three URI so that Wordpress recognizes the distinctive URL or if nothing else mitigates this issue?

Store is
Hello James!

This is Rina from Ecwid Customer Care team. Thank you for your message!

I carefully inspected your site and did not find Ecwid there, I'm sorry.

Have you added Ecwid to your site? Did you remove it?

To help you with your question, we need to see how it works on your site. We would be grateful for all the details and glad to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!
Rina S
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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