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Originally Posted by Harry Kikstra View Post
Hi, is this information still current? DHL has decided to give us special rates for our 'for-benefit' store. Can we get their shipping rates automatically?

Many thanks

Since Ecwid support user-defined shipping methods, I'd recommend you configuring such shipping methods in your store so that they will emulate the DHL rates. It won't be difficult unless there are many locations/rates that needs to be entered. You can set it up this way:
- Open the shipping methods page in your control panel (System settings → Shipping)
- Click 'New shipping method', select the region that the method will be used to ship to and choose the 'Custom table' option
- Enter the shipping rates that DHL provided you with
- Set name for the created shipping method (e.g. 'DHL')
- Save

That's all. If you need to create shipping rates for another region, create another shipping method with the corresponding rates for that destination zone.

As to carrier-calculated real-time rates, Ecwid currently supports the following carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post and EMS. DHL is not supported, unfortunately.
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