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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Ecwid sends out an automated e-mail notification to the store administrator right after any of 4 events below occur:

New order. This notification is sent when a new order comes in.

Order is paid. This type of notifications indicates that the order was successfully placed and paid for.

Order payment failed. Such notifications are sent when customer attempts to place an order using an online payment method but the attempt is unsuccessful. This e-mail contains a response received from the payment system with a reason why the payment failed.

Stock notification. You will receive this notification each time in stock quantity of a product reaches a threshold that you specified for it.

Notifications about placed orders contain all information about the purchase: customer’s shipping and billing addresses, payment and shipping methods used, customer group, goods purchased and their attributes, applied taxes and order total.

You can configure which notifications to receive and customize their content on System settings -> Mail page of your Ecwid control panel. I suggest you check Mail Notifications article in our knowledge base for more detailed information this.

When a customers checkouts in your shop he is prompted to provide his shipping address that is stored in his profile. The shipping address is used to determine which shipping methods are available for the customer’s order. If you haven’t configured shipping methods yet you can learn here how to do that.

If you have “Require customers to create accounts on checkout” option enabled on System settings -> General -> Cart page of your Ecwid control panel all your repeating customers will have their shipping address already filled in on checkout. Also, all customers have an address book that they can update and add new shipping addresses to it during checkout or through their profile if they order from your store to different addresses.
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