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Default Is it possible to add sales receipt?

Firstly your spreadsheet is awesome, anyone starting a retail business needs to use this and not invest in expensive off the shelf software. Eventually I will need something with a few more bells and whistles but for now this fulfils nearly all my requirements.

Now to one of those requirements, I propose using this in my store and logging each and every sale as they happen but to enable me to do this I need to be able to print a receipt (standard letter size/A4 from regular printer). My idea was to put a sales receipt template on a work sheet after December that would auto-populate based on a 'yes' field in a column labelled 'receipt required'. There would be no need to save a history of receipts. the whole thing will be dynamic, I would need to note 'yes' a receipt is required for a sale next to each line of sales and then change the 'yes' to a 'no' one the receipt is printed and move onto the next customer.

I know this is possible but do not have the skills to make it happen, is this an enhancement that you could had to your spreadsheet. I am happy to email you a receipt template and the work I have done so far.