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Originally Posted by DESportsHOF View Post
It does, however, show up fine on an iPad, so I have to assume it isn't an iOS issue. I need my cart to be accessible by all devices and I'm under the impression that this should not be a problem. The page in question is
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thank you for contacting us.

Ecwid is designed to be a responsive storefront which can be viewed and accessed on any device, including mobile.

I found out that your website is built using the services of 1&1 website builder. Unfortunately this site builder disables any 3rd party applications for mobile view, therefore Ecwid is not displayed for mobile visitors of your website. Please refer to this thread on our forums to learn more info about this 1&1 issue:

As a workaround I suggest you to add a link to your starter site: on your site so your customers can open your store on their mobile devices.
Thank you.
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