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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Hi Lana,

I did all that and I think it is working... I figured out I have to add ny as a state in the zone ny for it only to charge taxes in NY state. I will see if everything works now, hopefully!

I set up two other shipping methods for Canada and Eu also.

I'm thinking about doing flat rate shipping also... but I'm not sure how to calculate aproximates costs for what I ship for that.. is there a tutorial for that?



Destination zones can be used for shipping methods and for taxes. At that you can assign different zones to shipping and tax.
As I see you want to apply the tax to New York only and assign USPS shipping method to the whole USA. In this case, you need two zones:

1. Country USA, States - New York
2. Country - USA

Then you will assign the first zone to the tax rate (in Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Taxes), and the second one - to the shipping method (in System Settings -> Shipping).
As a result, customers from US, NY will receive the tax rate and this USPS shipping method. And customers from any other state won't be charged the tax rate.
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