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Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Thank you Svetlana,

I have contacted USPS to ask that my account be switched to live mode. As far as the shipping zone- I originally selected NY to try and add tax for that state only after reading a tutorial. So I guess I should simply delete NY state now and set up a whole zone for NY alone? I'm clear on what to do here.

If you're going to have two different shippings to New York and to the other states (e.g., you want to ship within NY using local pickup, and to the other states - via USPS First-Class services), then you need to have the following two zones:
1. Country USA, States - New York
2. Country USA, States - all except for New York.
NOTE: Remember to add two shipping methods for each zone. If to take the above example, the methods will be: local pick-up for New York, and USPS online rates for the other states.

If you have one shipping method for all US states (e.g., USPS services to all directions), you need only USA zone. So you should just remove New York state from your current 'USA' zone.
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