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Originally Posted by Liza Savelyeva View Post
It is totally possible to upload products to your store using CSV. Please, refer to these article for details:
I know that I can upload the products through CSV, but can I upload the variations/variations through CSV? (I clarify below.)

Originally Posted by Liza Savelyeva View Post
You can apply variations to your products on the Catalog -> Product -> Product details page on your control panel. You can combine your product options in a number of different ways and set up different prices, SKUs, quantity, images and stock notifications for those variations.
In the following articles you will find the detailed information about setting up Product Options and Product Variations to suit your business the best way possible:
I have looked at both links. The first link was very helpful. The second link does not make sense to me, but I was able to figure it out regardless. Before I added "Options," I was unable to add a combo. Now that I have, I can add them. So, thank you for the information.

I am curious: do I need to put the price (+)/(-) if I can just have the right price on the variation page? How does that work?

Is there a faster way to add the variations? Because, as it stands, it looks like I will have to go product by product to add the different sizes with the different SKUS, picture, prices, etc.