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Question Product variations and variations

Hi. I am trying to test how Ecwid works. I have created two test products on my Ecwid in order to add "variations" or "variations" to my products. However, the option was greyed out. I need to know why this is.

More importantly, though, my company has a great deal of products, many of which have have SIZE variations. The prices will differ per product, even though there are similar sizes. For example, if I am selling "Chemical ABC," I will have a 1 gallon container, a 5 gallon container, and a 55 gallon container. Chemical ABC's prices will be as follows: 1 gallon - $13.99, 5 gallon- $32.99, and 55 gallon - $57.99. "Chemical 123" will have the same sizes as "Chemical ABC," but the prices will be different: 1 gallon - $ 6.89, 5 gallon - $23.48, 55 gallon - $32.99.

So, how do I set up these variations/variations in Ecwid?

Note: I am using the BUSINESS plan.

If possible, I would like to use the CSV format to upload a vast majority of my products since there are so many of them.

Please help.

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