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Backordering is ESSENTIAL: So here is my idea for a workaround (just need some guidance?):

I am a Paid Member, so the "Powered by" link is hidden, but I found it with FireBug:

<a class="ecwid-poweredBy" href=";utm_medium=powered-by-link&amp;utm_campaign=Ecwid%2Bstores" target="_blank" style="display: none;">Powered by Ecwid</a>

If I change the Hyperlink to point to my Hidden Category "Backorder", and duplicate all of my store's structure (categories and products) as "children' of that Hidden category, and set their quantities to 'Unlimited" -- Then, when my customer sees "Out of Stock" they just click that "backorder" button to load the hidden mirror of my store???

This way they can order those "out-of-stock" products (with a note above the description warning them that they are "placing a back order and delivery will be in two to three weeks") AND i still get notifications that I am low or out of that product.

I would alos place a link in the products description saying "Click Here to Return to the Main Store".

I hope to hear from someone on this soon , my store is set to launch on our Social Network on Monday 11/15/2010 !!!

I will experiment until then ECWID ROCKS !!!