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Originally Posted by Marsha Van Dyke View Post
Cannot seem to import my Etsy csv file. I have followed all recommended suggestions and need some help please.
Sorry for the radio silence!

In case someone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar questions (or if it's still relevant):

Basically, there are three things to keep in mind during import, and that's

1) the format: .CSV format suggests that each line should contain certain number of "cells", which are represented, as the name suggests, by values separated by commas, tabs or semicolons.
Yet, in your file product description "breaks" the line, which makes the file un-readable:

2) the columns: not all of them are needed and/or supported in Ecwid. You can find a list of the ones that are in our article about importing:

3) last, but not least: there are also import settings; you'll need to specify during import in which order and which info is presented in your file.
It's also described in the article I mentioned above.

So, please refer to it for detailed info and instructions about importing products in Ecwid:

Hope this helps someone!