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The minicart in Ecwid accepts the dragged product as soon as the mouse pointer gets within the minicart widget frame. Ecwid takes care of such deeply technical things automatically, you don't have to set it.

However, on the video in your post I can clearly see that the drop accept area is somehow shifted. Most probably it is some other element on your website (a transparent, but probably absolutely positioned one, maybe your site's menu) that obscures the minicart widget and iinfluences the way it handles the dragging in. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell the exact reason for that without seeing the actual page, so I'd appreciate if you publish a preview of your site somehow fro inspection.

If it is not possible, the first thing I can advise now is to inspect the left part of the minicart widget - in Chrome (or Firefox with installed Firebug extension) right click the leftmost part of minicart, choose Inspect element from the menu and see which element is actually picked up (most probably, it will be not the minicart container, but something other). This element then has to be assigned the correct position or z-index so it doesn't overlap the minicart.