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I would like to submit an app of my ecwid store (independent of my website) to native and third party app stores. What is the best way to do this?
Sorry, not clear. Will you detalize it with an example?

Also, for digital information, is there a way to give the buyer an option from their smart phone on whether they can purchase a specific format suited for their needs (i.e. epub vs pdf)?
When customer buys a downloadable product, your Ecwid store generates a special email notification (Egoods download) containing the product download link. So actually customer downloads the file from the email, and they can do that on any device.

A simple solution would be to attach two files to products: one is in epub, the other one is pdf format, and append descriptions to each one (in Ecwid control panel, Catalog -> Products -> product page, tab 'Files'). As a result customer will receive an email with two links and instructions to download a file suitable for their device.

One more solution is to create and sell separate products for each format.

If you mean to make the store automatically detect the device and offer a file of appropriate format, it's not possible with Ecwid for now unfortunately. Please, feel free to register an idea for this feature in our ideas base.

Thank you in advance for your help! It is much appreciated. So far, I'm very pleased with Ecwid and love how the company is evolving and growing. Very nice work!
Thank you!
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