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This is Anastasia from Ecwid Support team.

I totally see your point here! We have an idea to add a feature to exclude certain regions and zip codes for a shipping zone. I added your request to the feature request list. Once we have any updates on this matter we'll get in touch with you with an update.

As for now, you can add all zip codes where you need to ship in the shipping zone settings. To simplify this process, so you won't need to add each zip code one-by-one, you can use wildcard symbols to build the list of zip codes:
“?” matches any single character,
“*” matches any number of characters, including zero. Spaces will be ignored.
“_” matches any number of spaces (at least one).

So, for example, if you want to create a shipping zone for all zip codes from 01010 to 01039, you can just add 010??? in the zip/postal code field. More details:

If you have any further questions — please, feel free to ask.