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Hi there,

It's Tonya from Ecwid Customer Care team here!

By default, it's possible to set up only a "white list" of the zip codes when you set up the destination zones for the shipping methods in your store. So, if you need to ship within one city except for one district, you would need to add all the postal codes where you do want to ship in the shipping zone settings.
Please refer to the following article to learn how to set this up:

That way only customers with the zip codes added in the shipping zone will be able to make a purchase in your store.

If it's crucial for you to add a blacklist of postal codes to the shipping zone settings it is possible with the help of a custom-developed script just for your store. The script should be based on Ecwid API:

You can do it yourself (if you have programming skills), hire a developer or get help from our Customization team by filling out this form: – they will get back to you with the details and a quote.

Hope this is helpful!
Tonya M.
Ecwid Customer Care team