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Cool Track Sales Key Metrics of Your Store in Facebook Messenger - Statiny chatbot app support

Support thread for Track Your Store Sales Key Metrics in Facebook Messenger chatbot app.


Quick and easy access to detailed statistics data on mobile or desktop Facebook Messenger apps:
  1. Daily, weekly, monthly sales
  2. Average order size (average market basket)
  3. New customer orders vs returning customer sales
  4. Popular products sold per defined period
  5. Detailed order notifications
  6. Cost of goods sold, and more

App Features
  1. Smart analytical statistics related to your ecommerce store sales
  2. Daily/weekly/monthly sales reports in Messenger chatbot
  3. Ability to add several owners/admins of Internet shop to share its statistics
  4. Stats about new vs returned customers, total order numbers per defined period of time, gross total and so on
  5. Instant detailed orders notifications
  6. Flexible chatbot settings menu
  7. Secure data encryption and connection
  8. No affection any of your store files and functionality
  9. Easiest intuitive installation by one click, instructions included


If any questions or suggestions arise, feel free to post them here or contact


Next 15 customers will get the Statiny chatbot ONE YEAR FREE!

Thank you for viewing and have a nice day.

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