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Originally Posted by Abigale Eichmann View Post
I have the same problem, but it does not help...
Hi Abigale!

It's Kenga from the Ecwid team.

Have you already tried to remove the Ecwid plugin and install it again? Just in case, here is our instruction on how to install the Ecwid plugin for Wordpress:

If this didn't help to fix the issue, send us more details about the problem to, as my colleague Lexy offered in her post.

We need to get this information from you:

- The link to your store or the email address your Ecwid account is associated with;

- A screenshot of the error you get. Here is how to take it —

- Please copy the info from this page — and send it to us as well;

- Create an admin user for to provide us with admin access to your WordPress website to investigate the problem. Follow the link to learn how to do it:

We will check this out and will get back to you with the recommendations.

Have a nice day!

Ecwid team