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Originally Posted by Ready4You View Post
MOBILE APP - "My E-Shop" - Android does not allow email/pwd logon

The Android version only allows users to logon via QR code route.

Big issue for users, userablity

Daniel Ready4You
Hello Daniel!

I am Shepard from the Ecwid team. Thank you for reaching out!

If I got you correctly you are having issues logging in with the login and password to your account using the Android app.

Basically you should be able to log in to your account on Android app using your email and password, please check the screenshot:

In case if you are having any issues while logging in that way it should be investigated and fixed.

I've found your account, though since the login information is private I highly recommend you to contact us to the email address with the provided information about your account:

- Store ID of your account. You can find it according to this instruction:
- Your email you are using as a login.
- The screenshot of the error message if you see any.

This will help us to reproduce the issue you have and privately help you to log in to your Android app using the login and password.

Looking forward to your email or reply! Thank you!