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Originally Posted by vivatiendas View Post

How can I get a link to add to the cart in my website page. A button add to the cart does not work in my case. Because I can not add code to that page. Only links ..

Thanks ..

thanks for your message!

Basically, each page in your Ecwid store has unique URL, so we could use this to create custom buttons/menus/images: clicking on default shopping cart simply takes a customer to "cart" page in your store. So, you can visit this page in your live store and copy the URL from browser's address bar and then "attach" it to the element you've created. For example, here is the direct link to the cart page for your Ecwid Starter site:

The same approach could be also used to add custom category menu on the website (or even link to some particularly featured product).

Could you please clarify what you mean by "I can not add code to that page"? What platform are you using for your website? Post here the link to it, so we can check it and provide you with a possible solution.

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