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Originally Posted by KineretT View Post
Usually, when printing an invoice, it comes out too large, so that with 4 items the order slides over to the next page. Recently however, I've had a couple of days during which it came out with much smaller text (which is fine - I'd LIKE it to be like this all the time), and the invoice could contain more items on a single page.

However, this seems inconsistent and just "happens" on a certain day, then reverts back to the norm the next.
It's not something I'm doing - I've changed nothing, and the invoice prints out full width in both cases, it's just smaller font and shorter. I'm attaching images so you can see.

What is causing this, and is there a way to make it STAY with the smaller text version?

How exactly do you print those invoices? Does that happen in the same browser or using different browsers?