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Originally Posted by Monty McGee View Post
Problems with Ecwid Mobile/PayPal Here integration for full POS capability. Please help:
#1 Our PayPal Here app only works with the Ecwid mobile app, not the simple app from the site store.
#2 The PPH app likewise doesn't work with the full site store either. It only works for orders entered using the mobile app. We need the ability to print a sales receipt/invoice to give to the customer. This can only be done with the web store.
#3 The mobile app only syncs items, not options, from the site store and we have 4-5 options on several of our products. Hence you cannot enter an order properly from the mobile app without first adding several un-synced options. Major shortcoming.
#4 The online sales data brought into the mobile app is for information purposes only and cannot be paid using the swipe even though the status is unpaid. Major shortcoming.
#5 The PPH app will not allow multiple payment methods per transaction, i.e.$1300 via cc and $200 via cash. Major shortcoming.
#6 There is no way to add a non-standard line item and amount, i.e. negotiated discount or unique item not previously configured, only enter the total sale amount.

Please tell me I'm just missing a setting or two...otherwise this is no better an option than QB GoPayment. The mobile app needs to be able to provide swipe capability for any unpaid order regardless of how it got into the app, and the ability to print an invoice, and the ability to accept multiple payment methods for a single transaction.

Hello Monty,

Thank you for your feedback.
Let me shed some light on Ecwid mobile app and its integration with PayPal Here service.

1) PayPal Here is a service made by PayPal that allows merchants to receive payments from their customers using their smartphones. The service includes the mobile application and a device that should be connected to the smartphone: a dongle to accept credit/debit cards. PayPal Here allows you to charge customer’s credit card on the spot using you mobile device and receive the payment to your PayPal account.
Ecwid mobile app for iPhones is a tool designed to help you to control your orders.
It is integrated with PayPal Here service that gives you an ability to take your store anywhere and charge credit cards using your iPhone or iPad.
It can be very helpful if you have the physical store as well as the online store or if you periodically participate in such events as trade fairs, festivals, etc.

2) Ecwid mobile app is designed firstly for the cases, when you sell your products offline.
It gives you an ability to choose the products from your Ecwid catalog, accept the payment by cash or using the PayPal Here. One of the great advantages is that as soon as you place the order using Ecwid mobile app, this order will appear at your Ecwid Control Panel and the quantity of product in stock will be reduced automatically.
At this moment there is no ability to print the invoice using Ecwid mobile app, unfortunately. This feature is in our todo list and it will be implemented in future releases.

3) Currently product options are not supported in mobile app. This feature is also in our todo list.

4) At this moment the mobile app is developed to be suitable in case your customer buys your products offline (e.g. in your physical store or at the event, where you take a part). The case that you talk about (if I get it right) is that your customer made a purchase at online store but makes a payment on delivery using the credit card. Currently our mobile app has no capability to charge customers for orders placed through the online store. We’ll take this feature in account.

5) Yes, this feature is not supported at the moment. We’ll take it in account.

6) The support for discounts is also in our todo list and will be implemented later. But in Ecwid mobile app there is a possibility to set the sum of order manually and charge the credit card for it.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions. I’ll be glad to help you.
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