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Question Should I be using a cache plugin? (eg, WP Super Cache)


So I've been running ECWID on my Wordpress site for a while. My host provider = Hostgator and they include the plugin WP Super Cache by default on their new WP installs.

I removed this plugin when setting up my site as I figured that it wouldn't be necessary being a small site etc. Now that I am getting more products and pages setup (an ongoing process) I'm wondering if I should be running this cache plugin or an alternative.

I'm aware that best SEO practice dictate that your site load/perform as fast as possible. This is obviously the case when thinking about the customer-end too. Therefore my questions are:

  • Should I be using a cache plugin?
  • Will this work fine with ECWID/ajex etc?
  • Will this have any negative impacts on my site?
  • I did read somewhere that WP Super Cache causes issues with the new "Recently Viewed Products" ECWID feature, is this true?