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Originally Posted by Beandme View Post
on my website:, I have a section for custom orders which a customer is telling me they have filled out. Where does this information go?

I haven't received any notifications or emails.

Can someone please help!

Thank you for contacting us.

I checked your website and I see the custom order form that you refer to. As i can see, this form is not connected to your Ecwid store in any way and it's a product of a 3rd party developer:

So I would assume that this is an application from Wix app market and you should be able to see all the form submissions in the settings/control panel of that application. I found out that in the app settings there is an option to leave an email address where the new form submissions should be sent to: so I can suggest that you check that email for this information.

For further details on that application, please contact the developer of that functionality here:

Thank you!
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