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I will surely help you with the code. To help you, I need to know, what do you want to achieve exactly.

Originally Posted by Anabolic Designs View Post
Hi, we want to track sales coming from FB store fronts. So we want to integrate the catalogue onto FB and so customers can buy from FB on fb pages.
Ecwid allows placing storefronts on unlimited number of Facebook pages and track all the sales and customers coming from there in single control panel. An Ecwid account and our Facebook application is all you need for that. No affiliate software or tracking code is necessary for that. So, what do you need the affiliate tracking code for?

Those FB pages that you want to install your store on are your partners' pages and you want to calculate the affiliate commissions based on where the sales come from. Is it right? Or they all are your FB pages and you just need to know where an order comes from (without any partner's commisions)? Or you want to place ad banners/links on partner sites outside Facebook and track visitors coming from there to your Facebook pages?

There are various way an affiliate program can be setup. And the exact approach and the exact tracking code depends very much on the chosen way. So, please further detail what you want to achieve at the end. Thank you in advance.
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