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Originally Posted by LJdeVet View Post

For my shopping cart, I have a global shipping setting, and a 'letter' service available to customers within Australia only.
During checkout, the customer can select the 'letter' option ($2.95), but when selecting PayPal and being redirected to the PayPal payment gateway, the shipping defaults to $6.50 (global) and overrides the 'letter' option that was selected before.

How do I fix this?

I've checked your Ecwid store. I added an item to the bag, submitted an Australian shipping address, got three shipping rates:
two from Australia Post ($6.95 and $9.55) and one custom rate $2.95. I chose $2.95 rate and when I went to PayPal the shipping rate was switched to $6.50
As you can see there's no rate like this in your Ecwid setup. It makes me think that you have shipping rates in your PayPal account and they override the shipping configured in Ecwid.
Please, check your PayPal account and make sure to disable the shipping costs if any. This article about PayPal Standard has corresponding directions to disable shipping at PayPal:

If you have Premier or Business PayPal account, go to "Profile → My selling tools → Shipping Calculations" and click "update". If you don't have any shipping methods on this page, just skip this step.**
Then select the checkbox next to the shipping method for a specific currency. Click "Edit" button.
Set "Use the shipping fee in the transaction instead of my calculator's settings" to "Yes". Click "Save Changes" button.
Perform these steps for each shipping method set in your PayPal account.
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