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Default Is there a way to have the vertical categories widget only display one root category?

Is there a way to have the vertical categories widget only display one root category? I'm using Wordpress, and Ecwid, and I currently have my wholesale category on a password protected page, and my store shows a different root category as the main store.

I had to remove the categories tab, because otherwise it would show Wholesale category to retail store customers.

So upon going through the site, I discovered that now unless I hit the back button, there's no way for the customer to return to a category page, once he clicks on the product.

So since I can't have the category tabs, is there a way I can maybe add a widget with just the root category that I choose to show, not all, which is what it does by default.

Please tell me there's a solution for this, as I've spent quite a few hours this morning working with support and they seemed to have almost figured out everything I need in order to offer wholesale and retail customers the option to buy from the same store.

I upgraded to the business plan thinking that it might solve my problems because you list it in your features list that you can offer discounted prices to specified customer groups, but that didn't really work for us, because we have different discounts on each product for our distributors, and it was only allowed to set one discount per price group, when rather we needed it by the product.

So I really hope theirs a way to resolve my single category as a widget because otherwise this is really going to mess up stuff for my customers in terms of store navigation.

The site is located at