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Originally Posted by VP International1 View Post
I just signed up for the paid version thinking that I would be able to manage my store and add new products via my iphone using the ECWID mobile app? Is this possible? You see i am always on the go and i take pictures of my product using my iphone so it would be easier and would only make sense for me if i can manage my storefront using the Iphone.

Please advice? I need to manage ECWID completely on my mobile device.


Ecwid Mobile App allows working with orders only.
You can, e.g.
- View all your sales placed in your store and change order statuses
- View order details: ordered products, product options, - customers' billing and shipping addresses, etc.
- Assign tracking numbers.
- Call or email customers right from the order details page.
- Search for specific orders by date, payment and fulfilment statuses
- View unfinished sales and complete them manually right from the app.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add new products via this application. If you think such feature should be added, please, add your suggestion to our Ideas Base:

However you can use, e.g., iPad to work in Ecwid control panel ( to do all the other operations. Please, check.