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Isn't there a way to submit several products at the same time with the same options without having to create on and duplicate ....I have hundreds of products....can't we name a field of product ID's the upload can grab the product ID and then add options and repeat?

is duplicating a dummy product with all of the options set up the only way to create multiple products with the same options at this time?

Sorry for the delay!
There are two options available at the moment to create multiple Product options : creating ‘dummy’ product (cloning it) and using X-Cart format importing CSV file.
1) To create multiple products with similar options, you can just create one product, set up the options for it, save it and then clone it with Duplicate button on the top of the product page in Ecwid control panel (the options you created for it will also be cloned) and then change the cloned product so it has the properties of another product you want to sell. Repeat until all necessary products have been created. You can also have an always disable 'dummy' product that serves as a specimen for other products and has all necessary options already set up.
Once you need another product with such options in your inventory, you can just clone that 'dummy' product, setup the properties of it and then enable it, so it becomes available for sale.

2) You can prepare a CSV file in the X-cart Format, which supports Product Options import, and upload this file in your Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Import Products > X-cart tab.
To understand it better, how Ecwid CSV file should be formatted, please refer to the
following article
To see how the X-cart CSV format is organized, please download the attached sample
from the following article