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Default Inline SEO help please

Hello everyone, I am just trying to get my head around the In-line Seo. Below is how I understand it. Please can you tell me if I am on the right path and maybe correct me if I am wrong.

The current integration code is this

<div> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> xProductBrowser("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(3 ,3) list(10) table(20)","categoryView=grid","searchView=list"," style="); </script> <noscript>Your browser does not support JavaScript. Please proceed to <a href="">HTML version of Eugene's store</a></noscript> </div>

and I need to replace it entirely with this

include "%PATH%/ecwid_catalog/ecwid_catalog.php"; $params['store_id'] = YOUR_ACTUAL_STORE_ID; $params['ecwid_show_seo_catalog'] = true;
echo show_ecwid($params);

Obviously I have to change the store id etc.

and then do I have to

extract the files from to the site directory?

Is that the job done or am I missing something?

A question though: If I replace the integration code, this string is no longer visible ("categoriesPerRow=3","views=grid(3,3) list(10) table(20), so how do I tweak it?

Sorry for being a bit thick, I just need to be clear in my own mind.



PS I am not using Wordpress or Drupal, but building a site in .php