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Originally Posted by James Carroll View Post
Ecwid support,

I have tried to import the attached CSV file several times. It keeps failing on different images, claiming that it "cannot upload image." I have made sure that all images are valid and accessible at the URL given. I see in the knowledge base that images may fail due to server timeouts. Is there anyway to increase the timeout? The images are hosted on the same server where ecwid is installed; I'm amazed that it keeps timing out. What do you recommend?

Thank you,
James Carroll


We've tried to import your CSV file several times. Sometimes it was imported without any problems, however in other cases the import was failed, because Ecwid was unable to load some images from your server.

Our investigation has showed that for some reason your server doesn't return any answer to Ecwid's requests. How it happens:

- Ecwid connects to your server. It accepts connection.
- Ecwid asks for an image file, however, your server returns nothing: no image or error code.
- Ecwid waits for 3 seconds, and since there is no answer, it drops the connection.

It may happen, if your server is overloaded, for some reason.

In v7.0 we've increased the timeout, so Ecwid will wait more than 3 seconds for an answer. It may help with some servers.

As a workaround, try to split your CSV file into smaller files and import them one by one.
Eugene K.
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