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Default "Order.ExtraFields" (used to capture Delivery Date/Time) - not Timezone aware !!

We use ecwid extraField variable to prompt for mandatory date/time when Shipping selected.

However when you display it on notification emails ... it is not TIME ZONE aware, and displays the UTC time. So in London, UK, currently displays 4pm instead of 5pm. That's obviously a massive problem if delivering hot food.

Current code is:

<#list order.extraFields as extraField>
<#if extraField.title?has_content && extraField.orderDisplaySection?has_content>
HOME DELIVERY: ${extraField.value}

Does anyone know how to format the scripted date/time field?

PS Would be great to also remove the seconds from the time at the same time.

Welcome any thoughts and feedback - thanks all.
Dan @ Ready4You

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