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Edward here, Ecwid Team.

I'm sorry for a delayed reply. I'd suggest using our other support channels available in your control panel for faster answers:

- phone, chat and email on the Business and Unlimited plan.
- chat and email on the Venture plan.

Yes, it's possible. You should follow these steps:

1) We have a great free app called StoreFrontLabelEditor. This app allows you to change labels name. So, if you want to alter the names, please follow the steps:

-Install the app:
-Open it and find the "Add to bag"
-Alter the text to "Download"
-That's it — changes are saved automatically

2) Go to Ecwid Control Panel -> Settings -> Cart -> Make sure that you have "Ask for billing address" disabled and "Skip Payment Method Section + Paid Status" enabled, see the screenshot:

3) Create a product with a 0 price

4) Disable shipping in Catalog -> Product -> Tax and shipping

5) Add a file to the product in Catalog -> Product -> Files

That's it, your customers will be able to just download a file and skip payment and shipping pages.

Note: Digital goods feature and the App Market are available on the Ecwid paid plans only.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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