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Hello Eugene, I was just reading the post from Pdurelli and i am having the same difficulty just because I have just signed in into Ecwid bc/ i have read very good things about the program and have seen a couple of videos which not quite have the whole instructions as to how to manipulate the program even thought is very clean and easy looking.

Before I continue with Ecwid and spend time on a Store inside the program, I want to know first:

If i design my website in Dreamweaver which i know how to do ..what are really the steps to integrate de Ecwid to Dreamweaver... just copy the code/s that appear on the first page when you log in? or you have to do the products and make the store first in Ecwid and then copy the codes? This is the part i do not understand and there is really no video that will explain that, or maybe I have not found it.

As well as the shopping bag widget , and the things that needs to be on the products page on DW for the customer to take a good and happy experience shopping.

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