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Default Ecwid tries to redirect to Ecwid stock FB app, even though I'm using my own app.


I just noticed something extremely annoying that kind of explains a lot of my redirect problems. I had to build my own FB app, as there was no other solution to dealing with three different languages in the shop.

On-site payment gateways (ie stripe) work fine. When I use PayPal, however, it brings me to the site I'm running as an iframe in my FB app. That much I can understand. What I can't understand, however, is that something in Ecwids scripts make an FB init (by javascript SDK) with the app id of Ecwid's own facebook app - even though it has absolutely nothing to do with my app!

That is, in my opinion, a serious flaw. I guess it autodetects FB -> Paypal, but then it just assumes that everything happening on FB is through Ecwids own app. Thus, as it makes the init, it locks down all possibilities for customization att that moment. No way to get around that error. What on earth is this all about - sloppy programming?

Attached is a screenshot of my Chrome inspector console logs, you can clearly see that the script inits and suddenly thinks that Ecwids app (with App ID 251458316228) is the one that's into play :-/ And suddenly the error is understandable -- of course my domain ( is not listed in Ecwids app, thus the "Can't load URL" error.