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Originally Posted by The Mod Cabin View Post
Can someone please help me? I understand that you have a lot of people to help, but when I post a question, and I see people who post after me get their questions answered it's a little frustrating. Especially when it happens repeatedly.

I did a search to see if my store is being indexed, and it appears it is not. Please note that I installed the Ecwid Wordpress plugin over a month ago, so it would have been indexed by now if it was working. This is a screenshot of the results I get. I also tried searching for the same string, but with store.php, and I got the same result. I did rename my store to shop, so please let me know if this can affect the function. I was told I could rename it by Matvey, but they didn't mention whether or not it would affect it being indexed.

All of our traffic is currently coming from social media like Pinterest and Facebook, but I need to know that my products are being indexed or I'll have to find another shopping cart solution.

Can you please, please help me with my questions from this post and the previous posts in this thread?? I would greatly appreciate all help I receive!!
Your shop is actually located at , not at No wonder Google does not index anything that does not exist on your site. The correct address produces a lot of pages in search: so I cannot see any problem with that.