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Originally Posted by Douglas Thornsjo View Post
I had to change my main email address this past week.

I did make the change here at Ecwid, and delete my old email while adding the new one, but ever since I added the new email address I have not received any of the usual messages from Ecwid when I make a sale or when order status changes.

I'm getting email from Paypal just fine.

Can anyone help me?

Hi Douglas,

I am so sorry to learn that you faced this issue.

I inspected our mail server history and found that the admin notifications from Ecwid were successfully delivered to your email address <D******jo@m*********>

The last order confirmation mail notification is about the order # 102.

Can you please try to search messages from notifications (at) ecwid (dot) com in your mailbox? Please, just in case check filters and junk folder.

Thank you.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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