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Hi Charlie,

I've checked your WEMC online store's checkout and so far can't reproduce the issue on my end. I've tried to place order there using a test credit card number and received the following correct response from Stripe: "Unable to perform charge. Your card was declined. Your request was in live mode, but used a known test card." Then I've entered a real credit card number that had not enough funds on it to pay for the order in full, clicked on Pay Now button and got the following expected response from Stripe for such cases: "Unable to perform charge.Your card has insufficient funds."

Please provide more details on where and how you see the issue:
1) What message from payment system you see after clicking on Pay Now button
2) What browser and operating system you are using? This information can be copied from our diagnostic page:
3) Do you see the same issue if you use a different browser?

You can create a $1 product, mark it as the one that doesn't require shipping, hide it in the storefront by placing this product in enabled subcategory with a disabled category and place a test order.

This information will help us reproduce and troubleshoot the issue. Thank you.
Ecwid Team